Tuesday, 14 March 2017

The Jada Poem -Inspired by The Ian Sharp Poem

The Jada Poem 
Inspired by " The Iain Sharp poem"

Jada is a muddy rugby ball, eager to be tapped and passed.

Jada is a lioness protecting her pride.

Jada is a tall mountain, standing strong and proud.

Whenever I look at white lilies, I know Jada is making them bloom. It's astonishing!

Jada is a moon, shining bright in the darkest of nights.

Jada is a pug on a unicycle, helping people enjoy themselves.
Image result for snow

Jada is a shiny red chilli, hot and spicy. 

Look there and there!
Bits on snow falling from clouds to the grass.
I follow them with outstretched hands.
It might be Jada.

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