Tuesday, 7 February 2017

Waitangi Day

The celebration at Waitangi, A family friend day for all.More then 150 food and craft stalls. If you went you could see more then 70 year old waka's coming in, with 80 paddlers + 55 passengers. A dawn service to help start the Waitangi day. Over 1200 people intended the Waitangi day, people were able to protest peacefully.

Up North in Waitangi at the Te whare rungnga is where it was held.
The treaty of waitangi was  form when the British cane to take over new Zealand, so William hobsim made the treaty of waitangi
with rules and promises to keep and share the land. My Opinion waitangi dayis very special because it celebrates  what it means to be kiwi. Moari  culture is very special in NZ because its history goes back to the 1940's🌽

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