Thursday, 13 August 2015

motorists minion madness

minion balloonOn August the 12 in Ireland  a big inflatable  minion blew on the road from the fair grounds on Swords road. It came on to oncoming traffic. Police say that it was a very funny this happened but it may have caused some serious accidents. They don't how it happened but the owners of the balloon say, '' That the ropes might of snapped because it was a windy afternoon." 
My Opinion: If I was in my car and going to the fair and the minion was in my way I would think it would be cool and scary at the same time because you don't know if it would move. I wonder if it is moved it by now?


  1. Amy likes that you have an interesting opinion.Nikita thinks next time add more detail to teach us more about what happened or in your opinion.

  2. Madeline likes your opinion because you said that I would like it if my car was near that minion.