Thursday, 23 July 2015

Surfer Gets Attacked By Shark And Suruives

1. His name is Mick Fanning and he is an Australian surfer.

2. He went surfing off the coast of South Africa.

3. On the 21st of July.
4. In the final of a surf competition.

5. When it was nearly his go Mick felt something on his leg rope. Then he looked behind him and he saw a big great white shark fin. He started screaming and yelling. There was an emergency siren going. The great white shark bit through Mick's leg rope so Mick swam away as fast as he could and tried to get to shore. One of the jet skis came to get him out of the water. When he got on the jet skis he was shaking. 

6. My Opinion: If I was Mick I would have felt lots of adrenalin. It would have been freaky. Luckily Mick  make it out alive.

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