Saturday, 14 June 2014

A sprinkles emergency.

On June 6,a man called the police because he didn't have enough sprinkles on his ice shod only called the police in a life or deaf situation so it was very silly.she said''it doesn't seem like much of  an emergency to me.'' I don't no why he did that because it was very silly. The man who did  this was very naughty.  The man called the police for a ice cream. my opinion; I think it was very silly and naughty. If i had not enough sprinkles i would just go with it and it looks really yum.I think he shod go to jail for a week doing community servos for that because that was naughty.


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  1. We agree with you in Room 6 that this was funny but very naughty and he was using a very important service for a silly reason. It is only to be used for real emergencies. Great opinion Jada!!!