Sunday, 15 June 2014

Lily and Tom and they five little puppes.

One day lily and tom were going to see there mum and dad in a little vilige. On the foot parth they saw five little puppies in a barsket and disidid to tack them with them.But on they way they saw a... WOLF!!! so they ran forthwods until they lost him so they cared on.It was night time and lily and tom went to bed. When they got up to cared on to they mums and dads houes until they saw the wolf!so they ran an ran until they got they and ran to the home with the puppies and when they counted the puppies they was only 4 puppies so lily said''oh no one of the puppies are missing the wolf must of tack it we have to go back come on tom'.They went up the mountin to find the wolf's hide out .When they got there the wolf wasn't there so they grab the puppy and go back they home and they live happly ever after,the end.

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  1. I love your story Jada! Today you could go back and finish putting in your speech marks and add some more adjectives! You might even be clever and put it into paragraphs!