Monday, 2 June 2014


Why the Tuatara sheds his skin

One day, Tuatara was going to find food.  Then…boom!  He hurt so bad because his skin was getting too tight.  Tuatara was so slow because his skin was too tight.  Tuatara had peaks on his back.  His skin was dry and scaly – just bumpy and rough.  His skin was in deep pain as every day it shrank a little bit more.

Tu-te-wanawana, god of reptiles ran because he heard Tuatara crying for help. 
Tu-te-wanawana said, to Tuatara, “whats wrong?”
“My skin is too tight.”
“I’ll fix it.  Whenever you get tight you can peel it off” said Tu-te-wana-wana. 
“Now I will never be in pain” said Tuatara. 

And that is why Tuatara’s shed their skin.

By Jada