Tuesday, 10 June 2014

An Unbatable Selfie

curent evens AN  UNBATABLE  SELFIE,lee thompson has tock a pic on top of the christ statue. He tock the pic in Rio De Janeiro. It was tock on june the 5th.In the middle of the statue there are stairs that lead up to the top and  he tock a selfie.[he is amazing] I don't no why he went up but  he would be realy freaky.My opinion; I think  if i  went up there i would  be freaked out also it would be realy cool.I  would not like to bunggy jump off it.by jada.selfie


  1. I am so impressed you have done your current events on the blog. Well done for including a photo and a great opinion!

  2. Blaze great work for doing your blog for the first time. Good describing words and good use of brackets!
    Cody its good you used brackets
    Jack its great you used connectives and brackets
    Kaelan you used great describing words
    Libby great description You are really stepping up Jada
    HollyThats a great job for the first time writing your current events on your blog.

  3. Great connectives puchutaion and Mabye you can go back and put a video

  4. i like how you put brackets in your current event and i like how you put describing words. By Paige :D