Sunday, 18 May 2014

Maori creation legend

The Creation

In the beginning of time, there was nothing but dark, dirty night.  Then dawn -  the beginning.  Rangi the sky father and Paa – the earth mother loved each other.  Tanemahuta pulled them apart.  They grabbed each other but it was too late.  The sun came and earth could grow.  Rangi the sky father went up to the sky and Papa the earth mother went deep down in earth. 

Maui was one of Rangi and Papa’s grandsons.  He was a fisherman, a trickster and he had magical powers.  One day, the brothers set off to find land.  He had a special fishing hook.  He carved the hook from his grandmothers jawbone.  Maui chucked it down.  The tug on the line was the signal.  He pulled and pulled and land came up that became the North Island.  It was the shape of a stingray.

After Maui and his brothers discovered the North Island, they went and paddled in their waka to find more land.  In the most deadly storm, by Tawhirimatea . The god of the wind, was so mad because his brothers pulled his mother and father and separated them.  Their waka flung over.  The brothers climbed on top of the waka.  The storm was so cold they turned to stone and the waka became the South Island and the broter became the Southern Alps.  The tallest one was Mount Aoraki.


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