Monday, 7 April 2014

weekend news

 On Saturday, it was so cool because I won the ugliest pumpkin in the Mitre 10 Pumpkin growing competition.  In the competition, I won.... a drinking bottle, a hat, a gardening set and a book and they gave me a certificate.

Then we went to the beach where we met mum.  I designed a sand castle but the tide swept it away.  Then I went for a swim.  I bet my mum to the red and yellow flag and back.  We picked up some pizza.  We got two Meat Lovers ones, a Hawaiian one and we went home.  I had the Meat Lovers.

You have written your story in an interesting way.  What a great prize!  You write as if you are speaking.

You could add more detail about each main part.  Why was your pumpkin the ugliest?

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